What could possibly go wrong?

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So we’re in a pandemic. I wish my parents were alive so I could ask them about the past. I wish I could get some sort of insight on how things used to be. I’d like to know their thoughts on how viruses and diseases were handled. How they stayed afloat mentally. I know personally, it’s driving me nuts. I ebb and flow between “I’m good, I got this.” to “HOLY FUCK! WHAT NOW?!” 

My son had COVID. All I could do was sit and get reports from his mother while she waited outside the hospital as they wouldn’t let her in room with him. So anyone that thinks this is just a hoax or just a version of a flu, etc. You’re welcome to go pound sand, take a long walk off of a long pier, etc. Now we’re seeing variants as the virus has mutated, which makes sense scientifically. 

I get it. People want normal. They want things like they used to be. Is it selfish? Is it selfish to want to go out to eat without worrying about the server being a carrier of the bug? Is it selfish for people in the service industry to want to be able to make their tips at night? Is it wrong for touring bands to want to be able to play venues in front of crowds of people? 

My opinion varies as I grew up in the service industry. My dad was a partner in a popular honky tonk in Texas. My uncle on my mom’s side had a few restaurants and show bars. One in Florida was popular back in the 60s and early 70s during the height of the NASA space program. We used to see celebrities and astronauts in there during the launches. I was very young back then so I don’t remember a lot other than my aunt worked there and she dressed like Barbara Eden in “I dream of Jeannie.” 

Look, I understand. You get used to bringing home that wad of cash each night from tending bar or waiting tables. As a touring musician, you’re used to playing in front of people. You’re used to making X-amount of money each night. Some regional “tribute bands” make a decent living playing covers while dressed up like their idols. Cool. I’m glad you USED to do that.

But right now? Come on. Is your making a living worth risking the lives of however many people you play in front of each night? In a crowded room somewhere in BFE Alabama? The argument is made, “Well, the people that go are adults. They can make their own decisions.” 

Yes they can. I mean, What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 

“Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever”

Keri Russell

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