Stacey guided us through a complete SEO and PPC overhaul for several of our websites. He is extremely knowledgeable in today’s ever-changing digital world, and he lives up to his word. He is genuine and has been a wonderful asset to my work.

Beth Wilson, Mahaffey Tent, Memphis, TN
Java Developer, Htmlstream

A huge thanks to Stacey Hood for the outstanding service. I was impressed with Stacey's expertise and prompt attention to client needs. I am anxious to share this information with the other board members of Global Hope.org"

Tiffany Regan, Globalhope.org, Denver, Colorado

In starting up The Devins Network, I needed a Wordpress pro to get me started and provide coaching. Stacey came on solid recommendation and was a tremendous partner and coach in getting my site up and running. A great asset in my network.

Ferg Devins, The Devins Network, Toronto, CA

Stacey was of tremendous help with all the needed “word-smithing” With his assistance, the content on my website is very professional and well-written. Thank you!"

Holly Jensen, TitonPines Financial, Chicago, IL

For several years now, Stacey has been leading both the overall design direction and implementation of my wordpress website and I have been thrilled to have this in his capable hands and direction. I count on him for it all or at least to point me in the right direction.

Richard Binhammer, Austin, TX.

A true professional. Stacey helped me with the design, project management and SEO for Guitar.com when I initially made the investment. I would recommend him for your marketing needs.

John Cunningham, Dallas, Texas