Drew Crandall of Misfit Athletics

Drew Crandall Misfit Athletics



Drew Crandall from Misfit Athletics joined the Old Swole Podcast to talk about the programs offered by Misfit and training in general as a CrossFit Athlete. Some idiot named “Master Ken” was a buttinski. Don’t forget to rate us on iTunes and subscribe!






Matt Page aka Master Ken



This time out, I talked with actor Matt Page. He’s been in some great movies such as “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”, “Sicario” and many others. He has created a character named “Master Ken”, who is the best martial artist in the world and has a specialized martial art that he practices called “Ameri-Do-Te” on his Youtube Channel, “Enter the Dojo.” Fun talk, we’ll get him back on soon.


Syn Martinez of Afrobrutality



Syn Martinez of Afrobrutality joined us to talk about what he’s got going on with his company and future plans for diversity movements in the fitness world. He’s a damn smart guy and is more than just what his quotes on Instagram show, which you should check out and follow for your motivational inspirations.