Diamond Dallas Page

I talked to former pro wrestler and Hall-of-Famer Diamond Dallas Page. After starting his wrestling career as a late-comer, Dallas blew his back out and discovered that his DDP Yoga could get him back in the ring. He’s most recently been involved with other former pro wrestlers, most notably Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall. Roberts and Hall worked with Dallas to overcome addiction, alcoholism and health issues. This is recorded in the recently release movie, “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake.”

Even if you’re not a wrestling fan, I highly recommend this movie for inspiration and to see what DDP Yoga did for Hall and Roberts. There are many other testimonials to what the program has done for others. I’ve listed one of the first amazing transformation videos below:

To find out more about the DDP Yoga program, you can check it out here and download the app here.

Andrea Smith of Trident Crossfit

smithsinstory3This episode features one of the OGs of CrossFit; Andrea Smith. She runs Trident CrossFit in Virginia with her husband. She also owns a coffee company, Mishas Coffee. Oh, she also teaches the Level 1 and Level 2 seminars for CrossFit. Great chat.

GRID Games Referee Kim Lindner Sherwood


2016 starts off with Kimberly Lindren Sherwood, one of the judges of the National Pro Grid League and owner of Beachfit CrossFit.