Crossfit Games Masters Winner Ron Ortiz



The last show of 2015! What a year! We talked to Ron Ortiz, the 2013 Crossfit Games winner in the Masters Division. Ron is a great athlete and lives the life he talks about on the show. He’s a FT firefighter and his warmth and care for others really shines. I hope to have him on again soon.




SDR Show Host Ralph Sutton

12390939_10153325750326274_7038241020736365242_nOS talks with Ralph Sutton of the SDR Show and Tour Bus radio. Based in NYC, Ralph talks about his journey into fitness and eating habits as a rock-n-roll DJ.

Wodcast Podcast Host Scott McGee


Scott McGee from Wodcast Podcast joins the Old Swole to talk life, CrossFit, family and much more. Love this guy. He has such a great outlook on things.

Dai Manuel

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.42.04 PMHad an absolute pleasure of chatting with crazy Canuck Dai Manuel. We chatted a little over on the Twitters and after this chat, I would recommend everyone follow him. His story of how he got into CrossFit and fitness and basically a brand new lifestyle is similar to mine. Check out his website at Dai Manuel and be sure to get his new book out in January.

Invictus and Dark Horse Row Instructor Shane Farmer


The lost episode with the illustrious rower Shane Farmer of Dark Horse Rowing. Shane is a Level 1, CF Kettlebell and CF Rowing Seminar staff member.


Active Life’s Sean Pastuch & Jeremy Todd

What a fun episode! Sean and Jeremy are chiropractors that have a great program that I think is important for Masters athletes called The Active Life. You can get a great idea of what they do here.