Birthfit Founder Lindsey Matthews

Join Old Swole as we chat with Dr. Lindsey Matthews of Birthfit, a Crossfit program designed for pregnant women, from beginning to even post-partum. She is also a partner and coach at Deuce Gym. A great chat. We hope to have her on again soon.




Crossfit Games Winner Jeff Prejean


Old Swole chats with Jeff Prejean, a CrossFit Games Master Athlete. We chat with the Louisiana native about his baseball background and getting involved in the sport. BTW, he finished 3rd at the Games. He’s a great guy and is so humble and down-to-earth.



Armen Hammer of Flo Sports & Wodcast Podcast



Armen Hammer from Wodcast Podcast and FloElite joins the Old Swole as we shoot the sh*t and chat about CrossFit and things. We learn the use of a new word and it goes downhill from there.






CrossFit Jääkarhu Coach Michael Winchester

I talk with Michael Winchester from Crossfit Jaakarhu in Austin. I dropped into the gym this past summer and had a great experience. I talk to Michael about his start into Crossfit, his coaching, programming and the work that the Jaakarhu team did at the 2015 CrossFit Games. He’s going to kill me for using that picture of him.

Great Writeup from Wodlounge

Thanks to our friends over at Wodlounge for the nice writeup on the podcast, read it here:

Those of us with athletic ambitions may find that there’s a lot of information out there to be the leanest and meanest version of oneself – especially those of us in a more mature age group. But there are a lot of “experts” who tend to regurgitate information without the actual research, experience or hard data to back any of it up.

The Old Swole Podcast is far from belonging to this list of ambiguous “experts”, a fact that becomes quickly apparent with every new episode. The host and founder of the Old Swole Podcast is Stacey Hood, a former soccer player who competed on the collegiate and semi-professional level. After the loss of both of his parents to cancer Stacey decided to commit himself to leading a healthier lifestyle. This passion for the betterment of himself and seeing a lack of older athletes being represented in the CrossFit arena, inspired Stacey to create an outlet meant to remedy this lack of attention in the media.

Among the list of guests that make appearances on the Old Swole Podcast, a collection of high-level athletes, coaches and nutritionists sit in with Stacey and touch upon various subjects relating to fitness. Christina Van Der, for example, a 2015 Granite Games and CrossFit Games masters competitor discusses the vigorous preparation she undertook for the competition, including her diet and methods of training. Another highlight of the Old Swole Podcast was when coach and owner of the Icon Performance Fitness gym, Jeff Green, joined Stacey. Jeff, a highly experienced and educated Master Trainer sat down to share with Stacey his philosophies on diet, coaching and Olympic weightlifting.

The Old Swole Podcast has a lot to offer in terms of the wealth of professional and experienced information it provides through its host and guests. There’s a lot to learn here and the great part about it is that there is absolutely no ambiguity when it comes to the veracity of information from guests who truly are actual experts. If you are an older athlete then this is the podcast for you

Logan Gelbrich of Deuce Gym



I talk with Logan Gelbrich of Deuce Gym in Venice. I absolutely love what Logan does with Deuce and as you listen, I think you’ll understand why this guy does such a kick-ass job with his gym, programming and his philosophies towards coaching and how he has created such a great community there at Deuce. We also chat about his supplement company, Original Nutrionals. 

Dawn Fletcher of Mentality WOD


Dawn Fletcher of Mentality Wod joins to discuss mental strength in fitness, CrossFit and life. We discuss her own journey into fitness and the Mental Edge Program she has developed for athletes.